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Discussion on: How to massively update records through a Web UI?

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Paula Santamaría Author

Wow, thanks for your comment! Those are some really good points you made there.

Just to clarify, I'm not actually dealing with this problem (luckily), I just saw it happen a bunch of times in different projects and thought this discussion was a good fit for! Sorry I forgot to mention that on my post.

The reason I'd try to avoid Excel sheets is because I saw the frustration on some users when they uploaded a spreadsheet and the software rejected it because of some incorrect value in a specific cell.
However, this issue could be solved with a standalone solution that performs the validations while maintaining a better UX at the same time, like @dmfay and @tux0r proposed.

To answer some of your last questions, even though this is just a hypothetical situation, I believe that updating the records that "passed" the validation and then allow the user to fix the ones that didn't would be a better UX in most cases, unless the records are somehow related to one another.