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Discussion on: Top 5 tips to be a better programmer without programming!

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Paula Santamaría

So true! Finding that work/life balance is as important as any other skill. I can't count the number of bugs I've figured out while walking my dog, in the shower or simply after a good night's sleep.
Had the same experience with sleep too. I got a Fitbit a few months ago and was surprised to see that I usually spend at least 1 hour awake.
I'd also recommend trying to eat healthier. I found it easier to exercise and sleep better when I eat healthy. It all works together.
Do you recommend any resources about meditation for beginners? I'm trying to get into it, but don't know nothing about it tbh.

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Luke Garrigan Author

Yeah completely agree about eating healthy, that’s definitely tip 6!

I started by using YouTube to try to understand what meditating actually was and followed along with some beginner guided meditations. Then I downloaded headspace, went through their free introduction and am trying to make it a habit!