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mysql database connection in php

Hi guys,

Today, we will see about mysql database connection in php.

In the world of web development, data plays a key role. To give best experience to the users, we need to keep track of user steps to make comfortable. Definitely we need to store data related to users.

$servername = "localhost"; //your servername
$username = "username"; // your db username
$password = "password"; // your db password
$database_name = "database_name"; // your db name

// connect to the server
$conn = new mysqli($servername,$username,$password,$database_name);

//check whether it is connected or not.
echo "Not Connected";
echo "Successfully Connected";
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In this way, we will connect to the MySQL Server using PHP.

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Discussion (2)

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Pavel Kutáč

Hi, rather than mysqli, I would prefer using PDO.

It would be much easier to migrate from MySQL to another DB if needed. It is used in all frameworks like Laravel, Symfony etc.

pavankumarsadhu profile image
pavankumarsadhu Author

Hi there,
Yeah I agree with you, but for beginners that will be little bit confusion, as a newbie, the above approach will be much simpler.

Thanks for your response!