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re: Nice post, Paul! I've been trying to work out for a while how to introduce developers to using Git in its full capacity, but it's a bit of a chicke...

Thanks for your response Stephen, I know exactly what you mean. I indulge to the same "fast git commit" thing many times. Unfortunately, developers don't like to adhere to a new way of doing a certain thing "just because" someone told them.
If they see value in it, then they will do it.
So, if they stumble upon a situation where they want to rollback to a certain commit and spend hours finding it, then they will cahnge their minds.
So, the only way of getting them to use a new git style is actually to ask them for baby, incremental steps.
For example, they could try adding the issue tracker id in their commit messages, for a month.
Then, they could also tag the major commits so that there is a way to rollback to a previous version, easily.
These incremental small changes will result in them not complaining about drastically changing their way of work.

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