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re: To be honest, that's not a bad thing. A diva coder will fail projects even harder. Strengthening of character is what we really need here, because ...

@smoke fumus, By Diva coder I assume you mean a person quite early on the Dunning Kruger graph (wrote a little about it here:, where they have a limited skill set, but a high level of confidence / arrogance.

You are right that these individuals may have a negative effect not only on themselves and those around them, but also for the projects they work on. I also agree that firm guidance is a good way to help these individuals realise their limitations and potential.

Which brings me back to the conclusion in the article, where there is a plea to the senior developers out there to mentor and train individuals. Guide and lead the way. We don't have to be dicks about it, but we can be direct and candid with our feedback. Be harsh with code, but kind to the coder.

Be well

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sometime later meanwhile in google spinless socipaths taken over and google fired an employee for "wrongthink". So yeah, I think i was right all along.

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