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Our codebase is the collection of deadlines, constraints, necessary hacks, or unforeseeable mistakes...

Yes, so much this! As code evolves, mutates, or just ages it's so easy to forget that there were developers that sat under different constraints, beliefs and goals doing their very best. I personally find this extremely challenging, fun and also rewarding when finally connecting the dots.

Embracing shared code-ownership is something I value, and have found to be of great value in our teams. Avoiding a culture of blame, but rather of responsibility by owning our mistakes. Celebrating and sharing them with others and growing, together.

This is a guideline, not a rule.


When the idea is fresh, it strikes me as okay to ask "Why did you make this choice?".

This is natural, and really important to be able to do in a mutually respectful way. Respect the developer, be critical to the code ❤️.

At the end of the day, the sum of every developers effort is what builds a product that hopefully enriches a little bit of somebody's day. Built together, Owned together.

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