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rapid development tips

Some of my time saving Shortcuts

Alt + Tab. -> Shift Screens
Windows + Arrowkey -> Screen Split
Windows + E -> Open File Explorer
Ctrl + Alt +T -> Open Terminal ( linux only )
In Command Prompt(Terminal)
mkdir 'folder_name' -> create folder
cd 'folder_name' -> go inside folder
cd .. -> go one level up
try to do things with COPY = cp and MOVE = mv

Fastest way to Start Project ( windows )

Windows + E -> open file explorer
In search bar type cmd -> this will open terminal in that directory

Type code . -> this will open visual studio code with that folder

Visual Studio Code Tips

! To Boiler plate html code
(Favorite) Ctrl + d to select multiple cursor and can do anything at same time

Install Emmet plugin and then

Create div with class
div.class_name hit tab / enter it will create
Create div with Id
div#div_name hit tab / enter it will create
Create multiple elements
3 Div Tags

And another thing type fast 😉 ~ 60WPM

You can also do (what I do is ) (Advanced Stuff)

git add .
git commit -m " some message "
git push

Instead of typing these commands

Bundle this up in Bash file replace "msg" with variable at the time of executing bash file pass as parameter . Note : ( don't forget to set origin )

So you will end up running 3 commands in 1 !...

and this is how you will do fast coding + navigation

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you can drop the "git add ." if the files are already added and just do "git commit -am "Some message" ".
I would also recommend using these aliases:
Anyway, always remember that faster is not always better :)