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  1. "You developers do almost nothing and earn like billionaires! You simple sit and tap at your freaking keyboards! This isn't real work!"
  2. "You know computers, right? Can you fix my Windows/Mac/XXXXX", or another version is "Oh, you're programmer? Can you do this Excel project for my univeristy? It's like 5 minutes for you!". While I know computers and operating systems probably better than average computer user, it doesn't mean I'm an expert with addressing hardware/OS issues. Moreover it's not something I'd like or want to deal with. People think since I'm a "computer guy" fixing this is nothing to me, while sometimes to fix something it takes hours or even days.
  3. "Developers are boring, lonely individuals."

Oh man, number 2 is spot on.

And when people try to dump something that's not even remotely related to computers on you, can't even count how many times I had to do flight check-in for people just because 'You're good with computers, I don't know how to click on check-in button and fill out the form'.

Most of the time I don't mind it but sometimes it's just annoying because ironically, I found that people in number 2 column often belong to number 1 column as well.

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