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Discussion on: How about a refactorthon?

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Beekey Cheung

One of the best courses I took in college was the well named "Software Engineering 2". "Software Engineering 1" divided everyone into teams of 5 to work on a 10 week project.

The professors took the worst project submitted in Software Engineering 1 and had everyone break out into teams of 5 again to refactor that project. It was an incredible learning experience.

I agree with the other comments that this is much more useful than a hackathon. The conversations around the work will be much deeper with an existing system than with something from scratch. It's also much more applicable to our daily lives since we all spend much more time maintaining and building on top of software than we do starting projects from scratch.

Let me know if you want help setting one of these up!

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Ka Wai Cheung Author

Beekey -

Great to hear how your college courses involved refactoring in their curriculum. Taking something from one course and extending it to the next is a really clever idea. I wonder if refactoring is more commonly taught in most computer science curriculums nowadays (I hope so).