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For example: ~/Workspace/Python/mailing/easy_mail

It helps me to keep an organized structure when I need to switch between different projects from different languages and it's more understandable when open in Sublime Text


That's really interesting!

So if you had a client side app written in JS, and an API (that complements the client side app) written in python, they would be in completely different locations?

Does that not get frustrating having them "so far apart", so to speak?


In this case, I group it into the main language folder. For example, if I have a huge project in language X but also using some Y, then I include it into the structure:
~/Workspace/X/<project_type>/<project_name> with sub folders matching my structure (/third_parties, /tools, etc.)

But indeed, when I will work on projects containing several languages, it would be a mess and I would change this.

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