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Discussion on: How to be a Python developer?

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Pierre Bouillon

Hey !

When I first started to learn Python, the thing that helped me a lot was trying, trying and trying whatever I could.

Look for the documentation, step by step, and try to use those concepts at each new discovery you make ! Variables ? Try it ! Functions ? Try it ! List comprehension ? Try it ! Hotel ? Trivago !

After acknowledging those concepts and knowing what they do and how to use them; then try to do some exercise, to understand the last layer: when you have to use them.

I'm also a Python lover and I am willing to help others to learn this awesome language. If you want a person to help you whenever you're stuck, I can be this one !

Don't hesitate to send me a private message 😄

Keep it up and happy coding !

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CamCode Author

Thank you for your help and I will try to consult the documentation and apply it.
Did you have any difficulties at the beginning of this path?

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Pierre Bouillon

Of course, plenty of them !

  • What should I learn ?
  • Where can I try it ?
  • How can I be sure that I'm learning it correctly ?
  • How can I know my solutions are effective ?
  • etc.

Having someone to speak about it would have been very useful back then