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That's a very tough question and it is also largely based on what you would like to achieve in the future. If you like the academic work and want to stay there (and there are job opportunities), it definitely is a challenging choice which allows you to solve "intelligent" things. Just make sure that you do not stay there because it's the easy choice compared to find an industry job.

In the industry, jobs often won't be as intellectually challenging, at least not all the time. There are many interesting things, but will often have to handle things that are important but not really complex, like logging and other things required for operation of the software. The intellectual challenge often is the complexity of the systems and environments involved rather than inside your actual software.

To summarize: it depends 😉
But I hope I was able to give you some arguments for your discussion


I get your point!
It's easy to join the academic side and it's a little complex. In the other hand engineering has a sort of a routine and not that complex!

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