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Discussion on: Anyone else intolerant of html inside javascript? yes i mean React

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Philip Damra

Why would you not use a tool that makes your job easier? JSX is not HTML, it is just a different syntax for working with JavaScript that is contextually more similar to a markup language. You can write react components using standard syntax, but why would you want to?

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Rasmus Schultz

This: JSX isn't HTML, it's just syntactic sugar for a tree structure of JS values. (Take one look at the compiled output in Babel's REPL - you'll likely get over the initial "HTML phobia" as soon as you understand why JSX is just JavaScript and not HTML at all.)

If you want more separation, use functional components and put them in separate files - there's almost no ceremony around the JSX elements, just an export statement and some braces. (I don't mind mixing, but the degree of separation is entirely your choice.)