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"Build" doesn't generate anything at all, is this compatible with preview 8?


If you use "Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText" ver.5.0.0 (, it should be compatible with Client-Side Blazor Wasm App v.3.0.0-preview8.

Please see also:

If it looks like bug of "Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText", could you provide your source code & project files to me?


Was my mistake I hadn't seen it was client side only, looking for a server side solution now, I assume basically anything that is MVC core compatible will work, thanks for the library, I've bookmarked it for future client side only work.

Thank you for your reply!

"Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText" doesn't work on server side at this time, however, make "Toolbelt.Blazor.I18nText" to be available on server side is my important concern.

Because, I think, if "Toolbelt.Blazor.I18next" become working on server-side fine, it will have some advantages bellow.

  • It is not required .resx editor
  • It will work fine both client-side and server-side, on same implementation.

I'll try to improve it.


P.S. "Toolbelt.Blazor.I18next" ver.7 started support for Server-side Blazor.

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