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Do people actually think this way?

The fact that it's backed and used by a mega-corp gives people a sense of stability and sustainability.

What doesn't enter into their thinking is that FB has the resources to deliver native applications to any platform they wish - FB has no problem with "walled gardens" so their web solution doesn't have to have the full reach of the "entire web" - just enough for first contact and to get somebody to download a native app for a "better experience" (and more access to their data).

Another thing I didn't mention is the lure of "reuse" via React native. Historically speaking cross-platform solutions don't serve any particular platform that well - it's always a compromise. In this case it's the VDOM that makes it possible to reuse React components on another rendering platform. There's already a varied collection of web platforms so trying to additionally accomodate other platforms which are even more different can only be severely limiting.

I've been a fan of Preact.

You may also enjoy this article: radEventListener: a Tale of Client-side Framework Performance

Thanks for showing me Unistore.

Jason Miller also created a JSX alternative HTM.

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"The fact that it's backed and used by a mega-corp gives people a sense of stability and sustainability."

The fact that it's backed and used by a mega-CORRUPT-corp makes me discard it regardless of the stability and sustainability it may offer me. It's a matter of principles. I apply the same for the rest of the FB stuff. I love VR but I refuse to use their oculus glasses even though these are the best. Unfortunately whatsapp is the only thing I cannot get rid of because I would be left alone ...

Sorry telegram, I love you anyway ...

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