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Discussion on: Patterns for Building JavaScript Websites in 2022

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Thank You for making this publicly available.

"Too often, though, we don't see teams making that trade-off analysis, blindly accepting the complexity of SPAs by default even when the business needs don't justify it."

SPA by default - Hold.

It feels like this article is providing some "trade-off analysis" criteria that earlier were either implied or have been missing entirely.

In 2017 PPK got into some hot water with his perspective on "what is a web developer"—but I think it would be highly beneficial for any "web developer" to fully understand Rendering Patterns (formerly Rendering on the Web) and this article.

Partially to understand where one's skill set actually fits in (hopefully avoiding wielding a golden hammer) and why a diverse ecosystem of libraries and frameworks is necessary to offer approaches that are better optimized for varying sets of solution constraints.

Again, thank you for broadening web development education in this fashion.