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Discussion on: Chrome Extension that turns your "New Tab" into a note taking tool

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Pavel Bucka Author

Hi Artemiy,

I'll try my best to answer your questions!

But wouldn`t it take the same time switching between tabs in your Chrom to find a tab with notes (you can have many tabs opened at the same time) as when you are just switching between applications?

I look at it this way. Opening a new "My Notes" tab in Chrome is a very quick step. Finding the tab is, in my opinion, faster than opening another application. If you have many tabs open, you can open a new "My Notes" tab, and avoid the search.

Also, you don't need to leave Chrome to write some notes. You, as well, don't need to open a different app, open, save, or maintain a "notes" file.

Take please into consideration I use Chromebook. I, therefore, spend 90-95% of the time in Chrome so my work environment is different.

Also, in a bunch of applications for notes, you can categorize them, add title and decor the text. Do you think to add these functions to your extension?

"My Notes" is not meant to be a replacement for advanced text editing applications.
Its goal is to stay simple, be used for notes, ideas, todos, clipboard.

What if I want to work with two different notes at the same time? Right now, I can have only one tab for my notes. Of course, I can open a new tab, but there will be the same text as in the opened one. It is not convenient.

The idea is to have only 1 place for notes.
They can be opened multiple times, which is a scenario not to be used often.
Probably, you may have multiple Chrome windows open, and don't want to search for "My Notes" in a different window. In that case, you simply open a new tab.

Thank you for your feedback and questions!
Very appreciated!