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Discussion on: Developer world as a woman 👩‍💻

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Juliana Jaime 🎃

Sabrina! I'm a Colombian software developer as well, and seeing that you are too made me so happy! And my experience isn't far from yours... I didn't start in a Software engineering major as my first option in a university in Colombia, and when I decided to change majors it wasn't on the list of options either... But when I finally decided to start Software Engineering as a major, 2 of my closest male friends (at separate moments) told me it was great I chose this career because I could ask my male classmates to do the work for me and they wouldn't be able to refuse... I felt sick, why wouldn't I be able to do that myself? Fast forward to now and I've graduated and I've had 2 formal job in which, the first one didn't have women in the tech team, I was the PO, and in the current work I have I'm the ONLY woman out of 9 devs. SO thanks for sharing, it was very relatable.

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sabrinasuarezarrieta Author

Lo seeee algunas personas en nuestro querido pais creen que cuando estamos en la universidad no queremos hacer los trabajos ... pero si no los hacemos ¿como aprendemos? que agradable ver a otra colombiana en gracias por contar tu historia 😊