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Get help with CSS fast - in the CSS Discord

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StackOverflow, and Quora, and Dev.to - and all of the places have their specialty. Discord chat servers (or slack or IRC etc.) - have the 'speed' factor. You ask for help / and someone might just say - "Here you go!" "I see what you missed here... you'll have to just learn x and y to flesh out your conceptual model on these points..." - and BAM! You just leveled up. Questions like:

Why doesn't my 'code' work

Don't belong in StackOverflow - but they DO belong in a tech-specific chat room.

It's very clear that CSS is THE SCARIEST thing to talk about for programmers. Why?

Alt Text

Some of our most lovely friends who have been in the industry for 20 years will get really tense around the subject. We all learned differently: at different times: from different resources: and different people... and your mental model of CSS is like a dirty secret.

What if they find out that I don't really understand how it works?

Well, screw that! CSS in 2020 is like - the most magical time period ever... so - do EVERYONE a favour - and just learn it.

Discuss it, share your stories, share your edge cases, ask questions - and yeah. Just do that, please.

CSS discord invite

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