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Discussion on: let's get really real about bootcamps

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perpetual . education • Edited

Your research, ability to read between the lines, and identify patterns in your investigation is impressive. It will serve you well in a design/programming career. It's unfortunate that this reason will be drowned out by hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing.

From our experience, most people looking at "boot camps" on Career Karma and places like that - just want a magic 'solution' to their problems. They heard it was 'tech' and they don't want to know the facts.

We looked at Launch School extensively when we were planning out our curriculum. They are the real deal. They're on our shortlist of schools we think are legit. We even bought Mastery and read it per their suggestion.

We are very much in alignment with how they explain their teaching process. We care about the core concepts that don't change year to year. We care about building up - and talking things slow.

But we're different. We have different goals. Launch School trains 'Software engineers.' They do it over years. Their core curriculum ($199 a month) expects 8-16 months and up to 1800 hours of learning. Then their Capstone program is another 1000 hours and requires 40+ hours a week and ~18k. This path is when you know for sure what you want - and you have 2 years - and a great deal of time to dedicate to their curriculum.

We have no doubt that they do amazing work - and produce amazing developers.

They are 'the best' school for some people. We applaud them - and often recommend them.

Perpetual Education's program is different. We teach a larger scope of design-thinking. We teach things that they cannot/do not - and they spend 1.5 years more time teaching the things that we do not. We are different.

We are 'the best' school for another person - and another goal.

We don't promise 115k jobs in NYC and SF.

We promise to give you a solid foundation and deep confidence in your understanding of the medium of The Web.

We promise a unique experience that supports you in finding your passion. Is it UX? Is it front-end? Is it project management? Is it research? You won't know until you try. We help you identify where you can provide the value - and show you how to prove it and then - wind you up to speed off into a career - where you'll get paid to learn for the next few years on the job.

We do what we do - in 6-months / and with only a few focused hours per day. That's an entirely different style than 8-10 hours a day for years. Time and opportunity aren't always taken into consideration. 4-year CS is great - as long as you actually want to learn computer science. If you want to learn to make run-of-the-mill web applications, then it doesn't make a lick of sense.

We aren't teaching you what to type. We're teaching you how to learn and how to discover your path. Sound fluffy? Well... it's hard to describe. That's why it takes 6 months. It's not a story, it's an experience. We teach a lot of programming too 😉.


After talking with you, Joey - we were inspired to look deeper into ISA's and how we might be able to incorporate them in a way that we could be happy with. We think we've found a solid partner and have a win-win-win situation in the works. Let us know if you'd like to talk about it. We'd love to interview you about your wild trip through this new education landscape.

If you end up going all-in on Launch School, you can count on us as another angle to bounce ideas off of. We're in this together.


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perpetual . education

UPDATE 2021:

We now have an Income Share Agreement!

Thanks for pushing us to think more about it, Joey.