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Discussion on: How do you cross-post articles from your blog to DEV?

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perpetual . education

Our blog posts often have little Vue apps in them - and it's all fed from a custom CMS, so - having parity on dev isn't really possible. It would be different if our articles were just markdown. Then you can use the tools they provide to Canonical URLs.

We know that some people have a problem with this: but we will (when we feel it makes sense) write a post something like this:

  • Hello!
  • Here's a thing we did (link/video/CodePen/repo)
  • We did it for this reason (which is why we're showing it to you)
  • If you like x and y - then it might worth your time
  • Bye

Which - in many cases / gives added information to the article vs just a copy-paste cross post.

Putting the post or video in a context-specific to - (in our minds) - isn't just duplicating the article, but helping someone understand our reasoning and if it's worth their time.

If that is scummy - or spammy - then the internet is already over.