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For PHP the way isn't (wasn't) very type strict, and you could implement your own handle logic, based on method return value:

$result = $myClass->save();

if (is_array($result)) {
    // Validation errors!
    // Warnings are returned in structured array, where indexes are class attributes
    // Example:
    // $result['firstname'] = 'First name is required'
    // $result['email'] = 'Email address must be valid' 
} elseif (is_numeric($result)) {
    // New record created!
    // Method returns newly created database row ID
} else {
    // Record updated!
    // Method returns TRUE

I have to admit I've kind of converted to returning TRUE or FALSE, and implementing another method to get errors, if save failed using $errors = $myClass->getErrors(), but it was still nice shortcut, purely because PHP didn't enforce explicit return types.

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