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"Couldn't you just ..." ha ha. Uuum, how 'bout no?!

But being serious again, something that has worked well for me recently is trying to solve multiple known similar issues/feature request with one over-arching bigger solution, instead of quick fix of very small and specific edge case.

Could be wrong, but I feel I first heard about this approach from Downwell game-dev blog, but also seems to work well for bigger business webapps :)


For sure! It's great when a general solution can address multiple issues at once. I've also found that those types of approaches can lead to more resilient and easier-to-follow applications than a patchwork of quick fixes.


It's of course easy to go crazy and re-write stuff just for the sake of it, but it really feels like good practice, as dev, you're not writing throw-away code and can be proud of your nice neat code, and business also gets a re-usable feature that now can grow and solve even further problems, probably much quicker in the long run than doing 10x quick fixes.

I like the part about easier-to-follow app, I might sneak that into my next board presentation as additional benefit :P

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