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Discussion on: What's the deal with downing PHP development?

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Pert Soomann

Haven't posted here for a while, but obviously topic close to my heart, so here goes.

Languages and frameworks are like religions - in the end they all do the same thing, yet the language one person uses is absolute single one everyone else should use, and every other option is bad, dying, dead, etc.

As with any language, if things get tough, you find a solution. Maybe different algorithm works better for given problem? Maybe you need to change server setup a little bit?

While these discussions still add to generic self doubt and impostor syndrome, I wouldn't pay too much attention on what other developers say, especially the ones that admit they don't use the current version of the language - they have their own reasons to prove that they do not need to use PHP, and that has nothing to do with you or your projects.

However, the problem rises when non-technical people start to request language or framework changes purely based on trends or articles on tech blogs that are close to click-bitey.

But as long as you keep your clients happy, no matter what tech you build your projects on, that's the only thing you need to worry about, IMHO.