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Not the worst interview, but interesting nonetheless.

I once had a Java backend developer position interview scheduled. A couple of days prior to the interview date, I brushed up my JVM, algorithms, data structures, etc., skills and went in confident I can do it.

Well, to my surprise they actually interviewed me about a Javascript position instead. There were just a couple, if none, Java questions and we spent more than an hour discussing the Javascript ecosystem, Angular and Cordova. Some questions I could answer thanks to the knowledge I acquired while working on side projects, but because that was not really my work field the interview didn't go in the direction I envisioned.

A day later HR told me someone at the company had messed up the position listings. There was actually no Java position available. They did wanted to continue the Javascript interview process, but because of the insufficient knowledge demonstrated initially I couldn't apply for a senior position.

I declined, had a beer and watched a movie that day.

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