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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Peter Carroll

Recently I fired off a new react app and then ran tokei on it - 2 MILLION lines of JavaScript - and I haven't written anything yet.

And I'm supposed to teach Bootcamp students how this all works? Can anyone claim they know how 2 million lines of code work?

Anyway, I started fiddling around with web components after watching Vaadin's video, and after a morning's work I had a bunch of components all maintaining state and yakking away with each other - in 274 lines of code, and not a single framework (or library) in sight (demo)

Since ES6 and the demise of Explorer/old-style Edge, I can't help feeling the whole giant front-end frameworks business is in it's final days.

Anyway, great work and excellent points.

p.s. had a quick shufty at your TODO project - looks like fun, I'll see if time permits!