Introduction to Metabase

Peter Gundel on April 06, 2017

When you start a company, setting up a business intelligence (BI) solution is not the first thing most founding teams implement, I guess. Now tha... [Read Full]
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Metabase is not just for startups, at my company we use both Metabase and Power BI for different purposes: the former for personalized insights, alerts and data exploration, while the latter for more formal reporting for executives and managers as well as for tracking company goals.


Nice, cool to know :) I will try to have a look at PowerBI as well.


My team DBA using it "daily monitoring tool" :D
He handling almost 30 DBs; oracle, mssql and maria.


Does the Metabase store the whole database in a local file or cache or in-memory to get the queries faster or every time, it goes to request the database ??


When I started using Metabase I think they had no cache so every request hit the database. But the current version has a cache which cases not the database but the requests. I mitigated this issue by creating a read replica of my database.

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