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Discussion on: 1 min* to run a service in Kubernetes — kapp tool

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Peter Jausovec Author

Yeah, I specifically mentioned I worked on Mac, so this (probably) won't work on Windows :) I logged an issue on this and if you're interested, I'd love to get more thoughts from you on what the best way to implement cross-platform support would be.

Using Python or Go to implement the tasks I have in the Makefile (e.g. build/push docker images, invoke helm, go build, etc.) just seemed to be an overkill.

I love Python, but the big downside of Python in this case is that you actually need to have it installed on the machine; that would add an additional dependency (both on MacOS, that has an old version of Python by default, and on Windows that doesn't have any versions :)).

For Go, well the biggest downside would be that I'd either need to build an additional tool and then either drop it into your folder when you run kapp OR install that tool for you automatically when you raun kapp OR have kapp actually implement all these tasks, so one could do kapp build or kapp

The latter sounds the best to me, but as I mentioned previously, I didn't want to load the kapp tool with additional commands and have you think about what to run and get used to the syntax :) Another downside of it would be that if you wanted to do certain tasks a bit differently, you'd be stuck - with Makefile (not being perfect), but at least you have access to tasks right there and you can modify them as much as you like :)