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Discussion on: Should I start blogging?

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Peter Witham

Welcome to the blogsphere :)

A great set of questions, I'm not sure my advice is good but here goes.

  1. Be authentic to yourself and those you are writing for. Don't over complicate if you are targeting newer developers or try to write in a way not natural to you.
  2. Add a human element, I often write my technical articles as if I was passing on the knowledge verbally to someone, this to me feels more like a discussion than a technical manual.
  3. Pick subjects are you passionate about, don't pick something just because it is popular. That often leads to blogging fade or burnout and you might start to resent having to write.
  4. Try to post to a schedule, users adopt patterns like reading once a week easier than random posts. Say something like, post every Monday and then bonus posts at other times as you desire.
  5. Blogging is indeed a great way to get your name out there and also demonstrate knowledge of topics for any reason that you may need it. I have received many contacts/invites based on my posts.

Just a couple of thoughts, I hope these help.