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Discussion on: Codebase is too large. Any tips on how you quickly understood existing codebase on your first job?

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Phani Teja Komaravolu

Congratulations! I've been in the exact same situation multiple times. Starting out with my first job, I had to understand a huge Android code base. Here are some of my tips for starting out:

1. Holistic Approach

Don't try to understand each and every line of code in the code base. Rather try and spend time on understanding what each module does, in general.

2. Issue-based learning

Your initial learning should be issue-based and not project-based because it takes a long time to understand the entire project. Take up the issue assigned to you and start with that function/file/module. It'll start to make sense and not drive you crazy.

3. Spend time learning the technology

Take a little time everyday to keep getting better at Laravel. This will help you solve issues faster and better. It takes time

4. When stuck, talk to peers/superiors

When I started out, the mistake that I made is that whenever I was stuck I didn't ask for help. The point that I learnt is that, there are a lot of factors that you might not know, that caused the problem (like admin accesses, firewall issues, database configs, deployment permissions, VPN issues, etc.)

All the very best!

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Ibrahim Alausa Author

Yeah!!!...thanks a lot for taking the time to give such details..Really appreciate the advice