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Philipp Hansch
Philipp Hansch

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Monthly review: November

New Sponsors

Thanks to @oli-obk and @yaahc, for their continuous support!

There haven’t been any new sponsors this month. If you want to support my work,please consider sponsoring ❤️

What I’ve worked on

This past November I’ve been on vacation for two weeks, both of which requiredsome sort of preparation the days before. Therefore my main goal for Novemberwas getting just two PRs merged:

  1. Fixing a false positive in derive_hash_xor_eq
  2. Adding a custom ICE message

The first one is just a simple bug fix. The second one means that Clippy willpoint to the Clippy issues if there’s a crash happening in Clippy. Thishopefully prevents Clippy issue reports in the rust repo in the future.

Reflections & Goals for December

This December I want to try and put more structure into my learning. Whileit’s fun and rewarding to fix Clippy bugs, I’m slowly coming to the realizationthat it’s not necessarily a good way to learn more about Rust or rustc.

To put down some precise goals:

  • I want to finish my fork of the-super-tiny-compilerwritten in Rust to help my understanding of compilers.
  • I want to try and review some of the open Clippy PRs (there’s been a lot of activity 🎉).
  • I want to create more flashcards with the things I’m learning. I’ve beenhovering at 50+ cards, but I want to double that this month.

See you here for the December review!

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