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Discussion on: Advices on writing blog posts

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Matthieu Cneude

That's an interesting article. I've a question:

the longer a blog post is, the more chances I'll skip reading it after some point

Why do you think it's the case? Do you do the same while reading a book?

I like long blog post, and the ones from my blog are quite long too. That's why I'm asking; I'm curious.

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Nicolas Frankel Author

That's an interesting article

Thanks for your comment.

Why do you think it's the case?

It's my personal experience :-)

Do you do the same while reading a book?

When I start reading a book, it's basically a commitment to finish it. I read books in different settings (in the train, in the plane, in bed before going to sleep).

When I read a blog post, I see it as part of my job. Hence, I do it during my work day. But I don't want to spend more than 5-10 minutes getting something out of it.

In the end, as a reader, nothing prevents you to read all posts of one of a series one after another. As a writer, providing a series gives me more control over the slicing.