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Discussion on: Why video tutorials should NOT replace reading documentation

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited

I would go further than that.

At the beginning of my career, I was mostly looking for answers on Google.
Now, I'm mostly using the documentation. Why?

  1. It allows me to dig a bit deeper when I have a problem and to really understand what happens. I learn wayyy more that way.
  2. Documentation is way more reliable than the random stuff on Internet (including stack overflow).

But it's a question of preference and also depends where you are in your career. For beginners, some documentation is too complicated to understand and ask for too much prior knowledge.

Sometimes, it's also good to look at a video when you're only mildly interested by the subject or because you know that you remember things better that way.

In short and as always: "it depends". Of the context, your personal preferences, and what you're trying to do.

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Carl Wills Author

Yeah, so true! Sometimes video or stack overflow can be really helpful, but the documentation never lies!