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Discussion on: Password-less auth in Rails

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Pete Hawkins Author

This is interesting, and perhaps a little bit extreme for the use case and type of user I'm using it for, but I do have an idea that’s kinda like MFA and would potentially solve this for you.

If you made the user create a 4 digit pin code when signing up. This pin code is then what's requested when you go to take these sensitive actions within the app. The UX of it would be quite nice as well, it would be a lot faster to type in a 4 digit pin from memory than to lookup a password or get a code from email.

I'm not quite sure how you would handle resetting your pin if you forget it though.

Hope that helps!

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The pin code is a great idea, that's what my bank uses for signing operations inside their app. You have username and password to access your account, where you can see your balance and movements but if you want to do something sensitive like transfer funds to another account you have to enter some digits of an 8 digit pin (for example, digits 1, 5, 6 and 8, changes every time).

Thanks for your replies!