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Discussion on: How to build a successful developer community

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Hey Guiala, that really sounds like an exciting idea. 🙌 Do you plan on building a local community,
or rather a nationwide (online) community? Or a bit of both?

A while back ago I launched a local PyLadies chapter (a community of women (and men) who love the Python programming language). As Ben previously said, building a community (from scratch) can take some time, so patience in this case really is a virtue - def something I too had to learn along the way. 😄

We got started quite easily. When you figured out the basic points, you should just go ahead and spread the word! To become publicly visible, we started off with creating social media accounts - in our case this were mainly Twitter, GitHub and a self-hosted blog. This way we could easily connect with prospective members & companies (that e.g. would want to get involved with sponsoring future events), facilitate interactions, collect valuable feedback, and create some relevant content to show off our goals, ideas & code of conduct, and so forth.

After building a small but trusted online community, we took the whole thing offline and connected with all the people in real life by creating a meetup account and arranging events.

This may not be the way that's taught (like when googling), but it worked well for us so far. 😊

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