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Awesome post, Patrick! I've bookmarked it right away and will definitely refer to it in the future! 😊👏

And yeah, totally agree with you. I think the benefits of mentorship for personal and professional development - regardless of your age and position - are widely spread, but quite often we focus too much on the classical mentor-mentee relationship.

Understanding that anybody in your life and/or office can be a mentor, and that you can improve your skills, and better yourself by literally learning from anyone was a huge step for me, too, but has earned me so much.

And, as you're speaking of books, "Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories" (by Tarah Wheeler, Esther Dyson, Angie Chang) has been especially helpful for me - would recommend a book to any woman who's looking for advice. It's jam-packed with real-life stories from successful women. It's not only extremely motivating, encouraging, and inspiring, but can also be seen as some kind of mentoring. 💛

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