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Very exciting, when I run the first line:
vue init vuetifyjs/electron my-project

I get this error:
vue-cli · Failed to download repo vuetifyjs/electron: Response code 404 (Not Found)

What can I do?


this is the basic repo of electron-vue !
you can use it instead of mine who's dead.

SimulatedGREG / electron-vue

An Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate with vue-cli scaffolding, common Vue plugins, electron-packager/electron-builder, unit/e2e testing, vue-devtools, and webpack.


The boilerplate for making electron applications built with vue (pretty much what it sounds like)

forthebadge forthebadge forthebadge


Build Status


The aim of this project is to remove the need of manually setting up electron apps using vue. electron-vue takes advantage of vue-cli for scaffolding, webpack with vue-loader, electron-packager or electron-builder, and some of the most used plugins like vue-router, vuex, and so much more.

Check out the detailed documentation here.

Things you'll find in this boilerplate...

you will just have to install vuetify (wich I didn't tryed because i already had it)

if you want to check my code feel free to fork my repo :

Thomas-Philippot / Desktop-meteo

Windows - Mac OS - Linux app to display in time weather using Electron with vue/vuetifyjs and API

Desktop Météo

An electron-vue project As the project is mainly for testing purpose This project use a private API but the access token is writen in the source code. This is not a good way to do it, remeber to store these kind of data in .env file.

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build electron application for production
npm run build

# run unit & end-to-end tests
npm test

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `src/`
npm run lint

This project was generated with electron-vue@fad1966 using vue-cli. Documentation about the original structure can be found here.


Has I said, the GitHub repo doesn't existe anymore..
I will try to find a New one 😊

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