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When I started my current job, I told my employer, that to build great software you need a rested mind. So if I don't have an appointment, I sleep as long as I need.
There are days that I'm so in flow, that I work for 12 hours. And then there are days that I do only six, because the task stresses me.
We have no deadlines. The task is ready when I say so.
This kind of approach gets you very unstructured days, but also the sense of freedom.
Also learning a lot of clean code techniques helped me to archive things a lot quicker, so that I don't have the need to do extra hours.
Learning is part of the job. I disagree with Uncle Bob who writes that coders should work 40 hours and then learn 20 hours. I want my co-workers to learn new stuff during work-time. Of course many things a mentioned here are sinply now applicable in a agency environment where your client pays per hour.
I stopped doing side projects during normal labour-weeks. Instead I take vacations from time to time to realize some side projects.


Yet another interesting approach. I agree with having a well rested mind, I now know from experience sometimes less is more in terms of overworking yourself. I'm curious (and I know different strategies work for different folks), do you think that having no deadlines create an environment where there is too much freedom? I'm not a huge fan of deadlines but for me it actually pushes me to do some of my best work, especially when I'm closing in on the deadline

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