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re: Do you notice that you hold yourself from writing even when you have something to say? VIEW POST


If whats holding you back, is awareness of your audience. Its a good thing ❤️.

For example, when writing my latest article, i discussed it freely around the office, and adapt the content for the person I speak with automatically.

However once I started the writing process, I realised the topic is a lot more "complicated" then I even thought it was (you might need to see article for context).

Because i am writing consciously, for a much younger audience, developers who may have just recently received their first laptop last year, with an SSD.

Meaning they have never used nor purchase a computer with a hard-drive. Which makes some segments of the topic harder to cover without more research and explanation (hence the adding of pricing tables between SSD / HDD) : because its harder to talk about hard-drive vs ssd, if the reader never used a hard-drive, nor understand its price difference.

There are also smaller things, like avoiding jokes that are too "US culture specific", especially for non english speakers.

Honestly though, while my writing is far from perfect. I have come to terms that its a good thing to hold back, and ponder through every line (especially my horrible english). To make the content better for as many people as possible. 😅

And as advice by others, if you feel stuck, draft it out on paper or something you know you wouldnt publish out =X

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