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Help me and the team, by taking care of yourself

While I do encourage people to explore as much as they can, especially on technologies not used within the workplace (or even reading dev.to).

On other occasions, I stress the importance of taking care of oneself and family members. As that should be more important than work, or even the company. And in finding joy in life in general.

It is, however, a very tricky thing - especially when I am on the "employer" side of the table. The line between encouragement and pressure is very thin. And I do personally worry at times if I was not clear enough on it.

Personally, I make a conscious effort never to penalize any developer for "not being there" or doing work on weekend/time off. Even if it was unplanned servers burning on fire. And chasing them to see the doctors and rest when sick.

And to find other things, to do that ain't work, help the community or exercise (though this last one is kinda hypocritical as exercise is something I need to improve on as well)

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