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Discussion on: Ask for feedback: Tech consulting companies

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Pierre Vannier Author

Hi Quentin,
Thanks for your reply (testimony)!
Glad to see such a good feedback!
It seems you don’t even care about your employer, in the sense you don’t seem to have any belonging feeling.
Would’nt it be cool that your consulting company make you feel into a community? Connected to other peers, having meetups, frequent event and all?

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Quentin Sonrel

There are a few events where all consultants are invited, but most of the time it's late in the evening and often a few hours drive so I usually skip it... to be honest I don't care much about the belonging/community stuff at work, if I want to make friends of my colleagues I can do it myself (and I do quite naturally), I don't need my company to do it for me and waste my free time in the process.