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Discussion on: Ask for feedback: Tech consulting companies

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Pierre Vannier Author • Edited

What about a company that would offer this for its consultants ?

  • 1 day per month remote working (because, hey, who doesn't want remote?)
  • 1/2 day per month free time dedicated to side projects (Engineers need to have some spare time to play along with side projects), full-time pay though 😉
  • 24/7 access to a top notch MOOC in order to get technical skills always sharp
  • Slack : Never get stuck on a problem / Communicate with other members, peer help an chat
  • Github for the company, because sharing is caring (Open Source is Life)
  • Frequent meetups / Technical conferences / Hackathons
  • Frequent lunches and afterworks with other peers
  • Stock-options (because we're going to rocket grow and we want to share our growth with our people)
  • Solid healthcare plan
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Quentin Sonrel

I dig your first two points! I'd really like to have that where I work. Especially the half day to work on side projects. A friend of mine is working at a company where every Friday afternoon is dedicated time on side projects and learning new things... lucky bastard!

Another really nice thing would be the ability, for a consultant, to suggest things without being laughed at or being answered "You are just a consultant, you can't suggest things!". As an example, I like your Slack idea, if I suggested that to my employer, I would probably be answered with a plain and barely justified "No" (something like "that's not how we do things" I'd guess).