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re: Thank you for your quick response! I was hoping for something like <div v-except-nonexists> or something like that. In my case, I have no w...

It if you loading through webpack, it's simple, because import will throw an exception.

What do you mean by:

Vue does nothing at all if the given component does not exists.

You should be able to add that condition to v-if, no?

Are you registering the components using Vue.component()?

No, I don't use webpack.

Yes, I use Vue.component(name, promise) to register my components.

When my Vue instance is mounted, I set the language, and it triggers the loading of corresponding articles' components. Here is a simplified version of my code:

    function load_article(article, header, err_code) {
        // here, "article" is the raw html of my article
        // We'll insert it into the article's template
        return {
            data: {// some data...
            template: `a template ${article} that encapsulate each article`
    function loader (header) {
        return (resolve, reject) => {
                url: `/article/${lang}/${header.name}.html`
            .then((data) => {
                resolve(load_article(data, header, 200))
            .catch((data) => {
                resolve(load_article(data, header))
    var lang = vm.lang;
    headers = articles_headers();
    var loaded_articles = {};
    for(var i in headers) {
        header = headers[i];
        Vue.component(`${lang}-${header.name}`, loader(header));
        loaded_articles[`${lang}-${header.name}`] = true;
    return loaded_articles;

And then, I have the code I wrote in my previous comment, with "curent_page" being the name of the article.

But, if we provide an article name that does not exists (and so, a component that is not registered), Vue shows a warning in the console, and that's all: [Vue warn]: Unknown custom element ....

Perhaps there's a way to tell Vue to call a given function when this happens?

you should be able to check if the component is register by accessing Vue.options.components

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