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Discussion on: The Peregrine programming language - A Python-like language that's as fast as C.

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This just makes me wish someone would make a Python compiler to do just this but as a drop in replacement instead of a similar syntax separate language

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The issue with speed is memory management, also the fact that python is interpreted. Once compiled, it runs faster, but still it will be slower due to GC and other memory features.
C is blasing because it demands the programmer to know computer science.

It isnt a language for newbies or people that had studied only by YouTube videos or online courses. It's a language for those that understand how a computer works.

But that comes with a price. It's much more prone to errors and hard to learn.

Having said that, I praised these guys for their boldness into trying to develop such a language, but I guess it will be hard or even impossible to come up with a solution without a GC to self memory management...
Well, take a look at objective-C. It might help