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Discussion on: Six Things You Thought Senior Devs Did (But We Don't)

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Riccardo Bernardini • Edited

About regexp: I see that I am among the few that actually like them. 😄

I learned them quite early, even before university. I was born, in a CS sense, in the 80's with Sinclair, Commodore, and stuff. I always had a fascination for compilers, so I bought Compiler construction for digital computers by D. Gries and I learned about grammars, parsers and, yes, regular languages.

I find regexp a very powerful tool, although I agree that the most complex ones look some transmission error... In my free time every now and then I tried to come out with a different way to write regexp.

The GNAT implementation of Ada provides the SPITBOL alternative to regexp; I am still unsure if it can be easier than regexp

About tar: 😆