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Discussion on: Moving your workflow to Linux

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Piotr Słupski

Hey! I am really glad more people think this way.

Back in 2008 I was looking to learn coding in c++. After trying Windows and Visual Studio, moving to Linux felt like the ultimate freedom.

I dont have to click through all this and can just do gcc main.cpp? No shit! I dont need to wait five fucking minutes for the text editor to run!? What kind of magic...???

Coding on Linux is a breeze. With great tools like CMake, eclipse, emacs (fuck Vi), CLang, all the languages, all the nice tools to make stuff work is already there, just waiting.

Unless you want to play a game and waste your time spent at a computer (entertainment is overrated), then using Linux is the best thing one can do to really grasp computing.

Thanks for this piece again, I support the case. Using Windows in 2018 is a sign of technological weakness. A properly configured distro should be a status symbol.