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I was doing PHP since about 2009, although I quit it for several years just to return last year.

I needed to work on a project that required some math like genetic algorithms, AI, optimization and pattern matching. I also wanted to play about with hashgraph technology.

One of the points that I thought were crucial to me was this library: . For instance, I was able to compile a dlib-based face recognizer into a plugin, and then use the functionality asynchronously. Also, it turned out that for some issues that didn't need killer performance, a trivial implementation that I could then hack on was already there.

Once an article (don't remember the name) stated, that even though other languages give your more elegance, PHP has a very solid community and avialability of third party libraries. It turned out to be true, and I was able to move my code between various projects without much hassle. The namespaces are elegant now.

Another crucial thing I thought of was the availability of frameworks. I don't even have to mention Laravel, however, I developed most in CodeIgniter (back in the day). When I got tired with Laravel's artism, I finally found Slim3. Then, once I dropped Twig for Vue.js as frontend, I arrived at something that is satisfying to work with.

The PSR4-7 as well as both composer and npm give a solid background. The availability of testing suites is enough for my needs.

Overall, a year ago PHP looked like the most battle ready setup I could find. I also did a Rails bootcamp once, but since I already had some experience with ye olde PHP, jumping the ship seemed too much - perhaps it was a mistake.

I personally don't think so.


It was a long time ago, I stumbled on a token issue I couldn't fix.

I remember that it took me to the core of the app, which at that time, was far beyond my ability to fix

It's not like I'm not planning on a retry, to me it seems I needed to learn more to really get on it ;)

I understand that. There are a few places in laravel that use dark magic, which I don't like at all.

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