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Questions for a Golang Developer interview

piperymary profile image Mary ・1 min read

How to evaluate your potential team member knowledge? Ask questions on the interview. Pay attention to his confidence while answering.
We’ve made a list of the most appropriate questions on various aspects of GO development.
Questions about microservices

  • What are the differences between microservice and monolith architecture?
  • What problems did you encounter while building microservice architecture?

Questions about databases

  • What types of NoSQL solutions do you know or worked with?
  • What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Questions about Golang

  • What are Goroutines, and how do they work?
  • What is “panic” in Golang? How do you control it?
  • How would you use GO to break monolith into microservice?
  • How would you solve a problem with a "concurrent map write"?
  • How to implement LRU Cache?
  • How to append a slice?
  • What are your favorite Golang frameworks? Why?

What questions would you like to add?

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