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Raffaele Pizzari
Raffaele Pizzari

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Brotopia, an eye-opening book by Emily Chang

Let me start with a short disclaimer: I know it is a book from 2018 and I know that it has already been talked about a lot and I am inexcusably late.

However, I’ve recently been reading “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley” by Emily Chang I cannot stress enough how shattering and eye-opening it is.

It describes clearly what kind of violence, pain, stress and pressure a woman must go through to work in many companies in the Silicon Valley.

According to the author, the Tech Industry is a male-dominated environment and the women are excluded form it: a retrograde, discriminatory and toxic culture.

I think it’s very important for everyone to read this book since the bro-culture it’s very common and much broader than IT companies.

Silicon Valley’s aggressive, misogynistic, work-at-all costs culture has shut women out of the greatest wealth creation in the history of the world. It’s time to break up the boys’ club. Emily Chang shows us how to fix this toxic culture–to bring down Brotopia, once and for all.


You can read an excerpt from the book here, follow the author on Twitter.

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