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The Developer Tool You Can't Live Without

Jeremy Morgan on January 11, 2020

I'm introducing a text/code generation tool that you will fall in love with. If you're a developer or someone who works with text or tabulated data... [Read Full]
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This is the best for SQL queries that I need to write off of a set of data. Like when someone sends me a list of names to add to a database. I can just turn it into a bunch of INSERT statements. It's a lifesaver.


I think what you've described is mail merge from the 1980s, or possibly snippet managers.

I tend to do this in Vim, because I'm too lazy to learn any of those programs' syntaxes.


This is great. I've been using Excel to the same end but this might be better


I evaluated that in the past. Pretty cool. Most of my needs have been solved by vscode and some powershell type scripts when needed. This requires a lot less effort to get there so it's a great tool to have for sure.


This is not unlike my own Redstring project (which I still have to go finish). Nice work!

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